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309 Honey

is a deliberate selection of our premium grade, handcrafted manuka honey with the honey connoisseur in mind. Harvested and packaged locally on the Coromandel with due care and attention of the bees that gathered, the environment that produced and the consumer will love it.

Honey for health, honey for beauty and our pure manuka tastes delicious too!

We have been producing Pure Local Coromandel Manuka Honey for many years. Even before it became fashionable, 309 Honey hives were producing unique Manuka Honey in the spring.

309 Honey takes its name and is situated on the infamous and historical 309 Road which crosses the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand coast to coast.

Coromandel Peninsula environment is renowned world wide as a spectacular, rugged, unspoiled wilderness where bush clad hills plummet to meet the sea on pristine, remote, deserted beaches and where clear crisp rivers flow through peaceful valleys filled with wild manuka.



Order online and savour the flavour of the Coromandel wherever you are in the world. Honey lovers always welcome! We would be happy to discuss wholesale, retail and export propositions anytime.

An honest gentle approach brings to the pot quality, authentic Coromandel Manuka. A wholesome and delicious natural honey to be enjoyed by discerning palates and honey connoisseurs world wide. You can call in to our honey shop, signposted off the 309 Road and experience for yourselves.

A short video showing the honey bees at work on a Manuka tree in flower.


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