INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (Outside New Zealand) - We can only send a maximum of 1.9kg per order, sorry for the inconvenience.

About Us

Our honey is made in Coromandel, New Zealand. Picture golden sand and beautiful Pōhutukawa trees. It is named after The 309 Road which connects the peninsula's eastern and western seaboards. We live here, so do our bees. Together, we make honey.


309 Honey started 20 years ago when we bought 60 acres of land on the 309 Road. The property came with 150 beehives. Over the years the business has grown, but our philosophy remains the same; producing the best honey we can.

Photo: Matt Williams

Our Promise

Every 309 Honey variety is produced with the best possible care for our bees and the careful placement of our hives. Every step, from harvest, extraction, to packaging takes place here on the 309 Road.

All of our Honeys are Raw, unpasteurized and coarse filtered. We don’t add any bad stuff and we don’t take away any good stuff. Simple.

We hope you enjoy it.


Andrew & Sue Williams